Cargo Shipping Containers


Caribbean and Africa Shipping Barrels in Baltimore


  • Store Hours M-F 12n-6pm . Saturday & Sunday, by appointment only
  • Items for shipping  must be at location Friday for the next ship out day on Friday. 

  • Ocean shipping weekly. Air Cargo transported Mon-Wed-Friday.

  • Insurance is $5.00 per $500. TV's can not be insured and a waiver must be completed in order to ship

  • We are able to build boxes/prepare pallets . Rates vary based upon size of box/labor.

Barrel/Wardrobe Box/Other Item  Drop off

  • Location: 1400 W. Lombard Baltimore, MD 21223 ​

Barrel /Wardrobe Box /Etc..    Pick up 

  • Items for pickup MUST be on level near exit door. Barrels/boxes  on basement levels with stairs will be refused. Stairs to exit or involving 1 or 2 flights of interior steps will incur an additional $25.00 when picked up. 

  • Barrels/Wardrobe boxes must be filled and closed prior to our arrival for pickup

  • We have seals for the barrels $1.00 per locking seal. 

  • In addition, each barrel must be taped 

  • If requiring item to be wrapped must inform prior to our arrival at pickup location.


Filled Barrel Pick Up Rates, covers 2 or less barrel/Wardrobe box or any other item

0-20 miles $ 20 flat fee  *(Starting June 7, 2021)

21-30 miles $30  flat fee

31-50 miles $45  flat fee

51 + miles $1.00 per mile 

- Additional items $5.00 each 


Barrels Purchase, Plastic

77 gallon   Onsite   $65.00  Delivered $70.00 ( Baltimore City only)


  • Door to Door Delivery available in select countries 


**Call for a quote at 667/930/3114. Quoted prices include a maximum of 300 pounds via Ocean travel. (+$0.50 per additional pounds) . Air maximum 250 pounds.

Caribbean Price List


Africa Price List